Life Safety for Businesses

The goal of the New Lenox Fire Prevention Bureau is to work in partnership with the businesses within the fire district to ensure safety. The bureau will work with each business to achieve compliance with the Fire Prevention Code. To accomplish this Life Safety Inspections will be conducted annually and administered in a fair and unbiased manner.


Top 10 Common Violations
  1. Exit Signs not functioning properly – Exit signs must illuminate on AC & DC power.
  2. Emergency lighting not functioning properly – Emergency lights shall illuminate during loss of AC power.
  3. Keys in KNOX box do not provide access to building.
  4. Fire extinguishers are the incorrect size – The fire code requires fire extinguishers to be a 4a60bc classification with a current certification tag.
  5. Improper storage near electrical and heating equipment – All storage shall be at least 3’ away from appliances.
  6. Improper use of extension cords – Extension cords are for temporary use, if permanent wiring is needed consult a licensed electrician.
  7. Storage to close to the ceiling – Storage shall be 24” from the ceiling and 18” from a sprinkler head.
  8. Missing ceiling tiles – All ceilings shall be continuous.
  9. Exposed outlets and wiring – All out lets or electrical boxes shall have covers in place.
  10. Obstructed fire alarm pull stations – The fire alarm pull station must be accessible at all times.


Life Safety Inspection Program

The purpose of the Life Safety Inspection Program is to conduct a fire inspection in all commercial occupancies within the Fire District on an annual basis. The annual fire inspection program provides the following benefits:

  • Educate business owners of the dangers associated with fire.
  • Find and correct potential problems before an emergency situation occurs.
  • Update emergency access keys in the Knox Box.
  • Update the emergency contact information which is stored in the fire dispatch computers.
  • Provide fire fighters knowledge of buildings their construction attribute.


Inspection Process

What is the Fire Inspection Process?


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