The original Station 1, built in 1946.
The first fire station and the first village offices located on Church Street awaiting new owners.

New Lennox Fire District History

Three members of the community met in May 1940 with the intent of forming a Fire Protection District. In October 1940, by special election, the New Lenox Fire Protection District was formed. In November, after passage of a referendum, officers were elected to the first Fire District Board which was to be comprised of three members: Ed Sheel as President, John Francis, Secretary, and Ed Hahney as Treasurer.

In 1946 the first fire station was built at 201 N. Church Street where it still stands today. In 1970 Station 2 was built just north of Station 1 on Cedar Road due to the increase in traffic on the Rock Island tracks and constant flooding of Hickory Creek. These two stations were run entirely by volunteer firefighters.

Often several wives of these firefighters would answer emergency calls on red phones in their homes, then set off a siren and a page to notify the firefighters of an emergency.

As New Lenox grew so did the demand on the fire district. In order to keep up with a growing number of calls in the south-west corner, a third station was added. Initially, the District rented space in an industrial condo with a fire engine manned by volunteers. In 1984 the District’s first full time Fire Chief was hired, Ken Hossack, who served until his retirement in 2006. Finally, in 1986 the construction of Station 3 was completed at the corner of Nelson Rd and Country Creek Dr.

In 1989 the Fire District passed a referendum to add an ambulance district. Just a few months later the district purchased an ambulance and hired their first seven Firefighter / Paramedics. They were located at Station 1 and assisted the volunteers in both fire and medical calls.

Station 4 was constructed in 1996, providing better service to the North-East area of the District. Then in 2001, Station 1 and the Fire District Administrative Offices moved to its current location and the original Fire Station 1 on Church Street was closed. Currently the District staffs 4 fire stations, 24 hours a day, utilizing 45 firefighters and 5 paid on call members.

Throughout the years the New Lenox Fire Protection District has seen many changes and continues to grow with the community it proudly protects.


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