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Q: Is the NLFPD part of the Village of New Lenox?
A; No, NLFPD is a separate taxing district similar to a library or school district. The Fire department board is separate from the Village board. The Fire District has a board of Five Trustees that oversee the Fire District. These are elected positons and serve 6 year terms.

Q:  What are the boundaries of the NLFPD and what Villages are covered by the district?
A: The NLFPD covers an area of 36 square miles. It includes the Village of New Lenox and part of Village of Mokena and Homer Glen. We also serve most of the unincorporated parts of New Lenox Township.

Q:  How many fire stations does NLFPD have?
A: Currently, the New Lenox Fire Protection District has four stations which are located at:

Every day, each station has four firefighters/paramedics on duty. Two are staffed on the engine and two are staffed on the ambulance. Each day there are a total of 16 firefighters and a Battalion Chief that are on shift.

Q:  Why do I see firefighters shopping on duty?
A: Every day our firefighters put their own money into their grocery fund for the day. They are at the fire house for 24 hours at a time, so they need to purchase their own food for that time period.  The firefighters will then go to a local store to get what they need for that day. They will bring their ambulance, engine or fire truck to the store with them so they can leave if they have an emergency call. By spending their own money on food in the district, the firefighters add approximately $60,000 into the local economy each year.

Q:  Does the NLFPD buy firefighters groceries/food?
A: No. The firefighters will use their own money to buy the food they will need for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Q:  What Fire Codes does the NLFPD use?
A: NFPA 101
International Fire Code 2012 with amendments
2012 International Building Code

Q:  What size fire extinguisher do I need in my business/home?
A; Business: 4A60BC – Can be purchased from area Fire Suppression companies.
Home – Residential size and kitchen extinguishers are available from local home improvement stores

Q:  Why do so many fire vehicles show up on an ambulance call?
A: All of our apparatus are equipped with Advanced Life Support equipment and Paramedics capable of providing the same level of care as our ambulances. We will send our closest unit to the emergency. An engine or truck may respond with an ambulance in order to provide additional care or support during a medical emergency.

In 2015, the  NLFPD implemented a new CPR protocol known as C.A.M.P (Cardiac Arrest Management Program) The CAMP program takes all the current elements of high quality CPR and advanced life skills, and adds to it additional manpower, and a fluid system of accountability for each person responding to the scene.  This uniformity allows for the greatest implementation of high quality resuscitation efforts, and leads to a higher ratio of saved lives. Since the implementation of the CAMP program in early 2015, the NLFPD has seen an increase in lives saved by more than 20% compared to 2014.  The new program has been a great success and contributed to 15 saves this year!

Q:  Why do you need so many fire departments to respond to a New Lenox structure fire?
A: Normal structure fire takes up to 15 personnel, however depending on weather conditions and the size of the building more equipment and personnel may be needed. The NLFPD is part of the Illinois Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS). Through this agreement, we can call in additional personnel and equipment needed to battle a fire and man our stations in case other calls come in at the same time we are on another call. We can also call in other area MABAS partners for numerous specialized equipment or teams (such those for hazardous materials, water rescue, high angle and below grade rescue and disasters.)

Q:  What is the New Lenox Fire Foundation?
A: The New Lenox Fire Foundation is a non-profit organization that is composed of volunteers who strive to provide the New Lenox Fire District with the most elite and up to date equipment that is needed to benefit the community.  All of the items purchased exceed the budget of the New Lenox Fire District, and have been purchased with money raised from the Foundation.

Q:  Does the fire department ever conduct fundraisers or phone solicitation?
A: No, we will never solicit by phone, the New Lenox Fire Foundation has several fundraisers in the community throughout the year.

Q:  How can I help the NLFPD?


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