Fraudulent Email Notice
By New Lenox Fire Protection District
September 18, 2020

We would like to make our local businesses aware that there have been some emails in the area which look like they are coming from NFPA or local fire departments. The email we have seen mentions a Uniform Civil Violation Notice or Fire Rescue Inspection Reports. It also contains links to other sites. We have attached an image of this email so you are more familiar with what it may look like.

These emails are not being distributed by the New Lenox Fire Protection District and are in no way affiliated with the NLFPD or the NFPA.

Please be aware of this phishing email as it is fraudulent. Below are some red flags which are common ways to detect email phishing attempts such as this one:
• It contains suspicious links
• It contains an attachment that is likely infected with malware
• It contains a sense of urgency and threatens legal action and penalties
• It is generic and does not specify which “fire department” it is coming from
• The domain name is fraudulent

Always stay vigilant and take steps to protect your personal information. Should you or your business receive this email, simply delete it immediately.